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I'm Dr. Adam McCluskey,

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If your body doesn't move like it used to, you feel injury prone, and have tried every stretch in the book with no real improvement... The PT Initiative was created for YOU!


Most people I work with have tried almost everything, but haven't been able to shake their aches, pains, or chronic tightness. Maybe that's you. You have a few pieces of the puzzle, but don't know how to complete the picture

(aka: fix your body 100%).


That's where I can help you! Just scroll down and check out some of the amazing resources to get you started on your path to REAL results!

Dr. Adam McCluskey, PT, DPT

Founder of The PT Initiative

Performance Physical Therapist

What Do You Need Help With?

Find the one that best describes you, and let's get you fixed up!

Low Back Pain

You are more than your MRI. Start your life after back pain with this 6 week plan

Shoulder Pain

Shoulder Impingement, rotator cuff, or AC joint problems?

This one's for you!

Knee Pain

Learn exactly how to fix your knees from home in just 8 weeks. No special equipment needed!

Full Body Tune Up

Feel like your whole body is a mess and just need a full restart? This is the option for you!

Even more offered in our Amplify Bundle!

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Plantar Fascia



How Is Your Mobility These Days?

If your body isn't moving like it used to... Watch this video!


Is your body not moving like it used to? Pain limiting your workouts?

We Can Help!

The PTI 3 Step Process

1) Identify the Root Issue

2) Elminate the Pain

3) Return to Doing What You Love

Remote Appointments

Personalized Rehab From Home.

No matter where you are, we can help you fix your body and get moving again! Detailed movement analysis, mobility testing and screening, and custom programs all included. Your rehab plan is just a click away!

In-Person Appointments

Local? Come By Our Raleigh Office

Local and looking for a hands on approach to your rehab and performance needs? Come see one of our Doctors of Physical Therapy here in our Raleigh, NC office!