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Shoulder Pain?

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If you are dealing with nagging aches and pains, or always feel stiff and sore, you are in the right place! I've helped tens of thousands of active people across the world get back to working out pain-free! Just click on any of the categories below and walk you through exactly how to get back to doing what you love!

Low Back Pain

You are more than your MRI. Start your life after back pain with this 6 week plan

Shoulder Pain

Shoulder Impingement, rotator cuff, or AC joint problems? This one's for you!

Knee Pain

Learn exactly how to fix your knees from home in just 8 weeks. No special equipment needed!

Mobility Training

Learn how to unlock your body and feel better than ever. Always stiff and sore? This is for you!

Back and Hip Pain with Squats?

Did you know NOT everyone should squat the same way?

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