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The Amplify Portal contains ALL of my top rated Rehab and Mobility Programs, Daily Mobility Routines, plus hours of webinars and performance tips, so you can fix yourself and be pain-free again!

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Your Body Not Moving Like It Used To? I Can Help!

If you always wake up feeling stiff and sore, or your workouts are constantly limited by nagging injuries... you are in the right place!

I've helped tens of thousands of active people across the world get back to working out pain-free! The key is having access to the best information, proven plans, and science based training and recovery guides.

This is ALL included in our Amplify Membership.

Our carefully crafted, and proven programs will walk you through exactly how to get back to doing what you love! Take a look at just a few that are included in Amplify:

Quick and effective mobility routines you can do at home with no special equipment

It's time to make moving well a daily habit. Your body will thank you!



*Included in the Amplify Membership

Learn how to rehab some of the most common shoulder injuries in this 3 phase guide.

This program has been successfully used by thousands across the world!


*Included in the Amplify Membership

I'll teach you how to understand and assess your back pain, and then walk you through my proven 6 week program to fix it!

Most people notice changes in the 1st week!



*Included in the Amplify Membership

Ready to fix your nagging knee pain... from home with no equipment needed? I'll walk you through all 4 phases!

Get ready to say goodbye to knee pain!


*Included in the Amplify Membership

This is your comprehensive guide to unlocking your body's mobility, and feeling 5 years younger. Tired of stretching with no results?

This is a better way to getting flexible, and keeping it that way!


*Included in the Amplify Membership

Bonus Programs Included

Yep... there's more!

  • The Squat Solution

    Learn how to build a strong pain-free squat for years to come

  • Exercise Vault

    Need some fresh exercises ideas? They are ALL here, categorized for you

  • Rehab Tips & Tutorials

    From webinars to training and rehab tutorials, you can find everything you need to fix your body


Is your body not moving like it used to? Pain limiting your workouts?

We Can Help!

The PTI 3 Step Process

1) Identify the Root Issue

2) Elminate the Pain

3) Return to Doing What You Love

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Personalized Rehab From Home.

No matter where you are, we can help you fix your body and get moving again! Detailed movement analysis, mobility testing and screening, and custom programs all included. Your rehab plan is just a click away!

In-Person Appointments

Local? Come By Our Raleigh Office

Local and looking for a hands on approach to your rehab and performance needs? Come see one of our Doctors of Physical Therapy here in our Raleigh, NC office!

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