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The PTI 3 Step Process:


1) Identify the Root Issue

2) Eliminate the Pain

3) Get You Back to Doing What You Love


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How I Can Help You

If you are frustrated with the lack of progress in your workouts, or have been stalled by a nagging injury... let's get to the root of your issue, and start making REAL progress.

We can get started by assessing your current strength and mobility,

and mapping out your path to pain-free workouts!

I will help you build a custom plan to get back to living and training pain-free!

  • With years of experience evaluating movement dysfunction, and rehabbing athletes, I will personally assess your movement patterns and give you real-time feedback

  • You have likely tried just masking the symptoms. That's not what we do here. On our call, we will identify the actual root cause(s) of your pain.

  • We go beyond just giving you cookie-cutter exercises. Once we establish the primary issue(s), we will discuss our clear path forward for you. No guesswork, just a step-by-step guide to get you results!

  • Based on your personal evaluation findings, I will send you a customized plan mapping out exactly what you need to be doing to make a full recovery!

Meet your Physical Therapist

I'm ready to help you move better and feel better!

Doctor of Physical Therapy

Dr. Adam McCluskey, PT, DPT

- Owner of The PT Initiative and Performance Physical Therapist

- Highly sought-out rehab and mobility specialist.

- Specializes in shoulder and hip injuries

- Trusted by Pro Athletes and Weekend Warriors alike

How It Works

Everyone will have different injuries and rehab needs.

This evaluation and program will be completely personalized to your needs.

    The Initial Evaluation + Custom Program

    This call is the foundation of your success. We go past symptom modification, and get to the actual source of your problem. We will walk you through the whole process.

    1 on 1 Video Evaluation

    In-Depth Movement Screen

    We assess, not guess. Finding the root cause allows us to determine what areas need to be addressed in your plan,

    so that we fix your issue for good.

    Customized Rehab Plans

    After our video call and movement screen, we will design you a personalized training or rehab plan to give you step-by-step guidance on what you should be doing each week.

    Email Check-In's with Dr. Adam

    Since progress is our top priority, each week we can check in via email to discuss how everything felt, what improved, and update the plan as needed.

    When you click the button above, you will be taken my personal calendar to set up a time that works for you.

    I'm looking forward to the call!